About WoodSourceBC

What is WoodSourceBC?

WoodSourceBC was created to provide anyone who works with wood, and anyone who creates wood products, an opportunity to network with each other. Whether you are selling logs, buying lumber, building homes, or creating fine furniture, this website offers you the chance to make new business relationships closer to home and in others parts of the world.

Who can use WoodSourceBC?

Anyone who works with wood and anyone who creates wood products. WoodSourceBC was designed to connect buyers and sellers of BC forest products. This website will help to connect BC Community Forest Associations members, woodlot licensees, first nations tenures, private forest land owners, remanufacturers, woodworkers and others to access up to date information on the availability of wood products for sale within BC's forest communities.

As a seller you MUST be from BC.

As a buyer you can be from anywhere in the world.

Why would I want to use WoodSourceBC?

It's an opportunity to help you to find ways to find new buyers and sellers, increase your margins, decrease your expenses, and discover new business opportunities.

WoodSourceBC is another step in creating economically and socially sustainable communities. When a local business purchases local raw materials, more money stays in the community. The money used to pay for local materials and products will circulate through the community many times.

Does it cost to join WoodSourceBC?

There is no cost to join. It's free! Ongoing operating costs will be covered with WoodSourceBC sponsorships and advertising.

Who pays the operating costs of WoodSourceBC?

WoodSourceBC.com is the outcome of the Bridges Project. In 2009, members of the BC Community Forest Association (BCCFA) identified the need for small tenure owners such as community forests, private land, first nations tenures and woodlots to connect log sales with local saw millers. The BCCFA prepared and initiated this project with the support of the following project partners:

Ongoing operating costs will be covered with WoodSourceBC sponsorships and advertising.

How do I sign up for WoodSourceBC?

To sign up simply Create An Account, it's easy and only takes a few minutes.

Why do I have to wait two business days after I sign up for my listings to show?

A staff member at WoodSourceBC reviews each signup to ensure that all accounts are legitimate users. It is our way to ensure the quality of the postings on WoodSourceBC is maintained. Once your account has been approved, listings you create in the future are posted immediately.

Why do I get the login page when I click the "MORE..." button of a listing?

We are asking all WoodSourceBC users to sign up in order to see detailed listing information. You will be asked to sign in or create an account when you click on MORE.