How to Change Your Password

How do I change my password?

For security, we recommend you change your password regularly. Here's how:

  1. Log in by clicking the Sign In button on the top right corner which takes you to the page below. (What to do if you don't remember your password)
  2. Login page
  3. After logging in, click the My Account button at the top right corner. A new page opens:
  4. My Account page
  5. Click the Change my Password button, to get to this page.
  6. Change Password page
  7. Read the recommendations on that page about choosing a secure password.
  8. Type your new password into the two boxes on the page.
  9. Click Change my Password Now.
  10. Your new password is now in effect and you will need to use it the next time you log in. Note that if you log out right now, you will be redirected back to the Change my Password page the next time you log in (because the system always takes you back to the last page you were on). This does not mean that you need to change the password a second time.