How to List a Product For Sale

How do I list a forest product item I have for sale?

If you have an item for sale, you can post it in the For Sale listings of the WoodsourceBC website (viewable under the For Sale Menu of the website). To post a listing here, you have to first create the listing in your personal account pages. (If you do not yet have an account set up, you'll need to create an account). When you create and approve listings in your account, they are automatically posted to the For Sale listings.

To post a listing to your account:

  1. Click on the My Account button on the top right corner of the website. The following page opens:
  2. My Account page

  3. Click on the Create a New Listing button. The following page opens:
  4. Create a Listing page

  5. Under the Type of Listing, choose For Sale and Product.
  6. Note: When you select the particular type of item for sale (in this case a Product) the web page will change to show entry boxes (fields) that go with that type of item. For example, if you were to select Service instead of Product the page would change to show different types of entry boxes that apply to a service offered for sale.

    Tip: In the WoodsourceBC website, each type of item (Product, Service, Transportation, Equipment) has it's own icon. This icon automatically shows up in your listing so that anyone viewing the For Sale listings on the website can easily identify a particular type of item in the listings.

    For example: a Product listing will automatically have the Product icon shown beside it:

    Products icon

  7. Under the Listing Title section, enter a Title for your product for sale in the entry box.
  8. Note: This title should be a short description of the product for sale - it will appear as the heading of your listing.

  9. Under the Forest Region section, click on the Show Forest District Options (Required Information) link to open the region selection map. Select the Forest District that your product will be shipped from.
  10. Note: You can either click on a region of the map, or check the corresponding radio button to the left. Either way, your selected region will appear on the map.

  11. Under the Species section, click on the Show Species Options (Required Information) link to open the Species options. Check one of the species radio buttons shown that best matches your product. If none match, check Other, then enter the name of the species in the entry box below.
  12. Under the Product section, click on the Show Products (Required Information) link to open the Products options. Check one of the Product radio buttons shown that best matches your product. If none match, check Other, then enter the type of product in the entry box below.
  13. Under the About the Product section, click on the Show Product Options (Required Information) link to open the Products options.
  14. This opens the following section:

    About the Product Section

Fill in the Product Section as follows:

Tip: It is important to fill in as many of the entries as possible, as this will allow buyers to find your product more easily when using the search features of this site.

  1. In the Quantity entry box, enter the amount of product you have. This must be a number only.
  2. In the Units drop down box, choose the units that apply to the quantity above.
  3. Note: If none of the units describes the amounts you want to enter, leave the Quantity blank, and the Units at the default setting (Choose Units). Instead describe the amount in the Description entry box as described in Step 6 below.

  4. In the Value box, enter the Price for your item for sale. This must be a number only, you do not need to include a dollar sign.
  5. Note: If your pricing for this item needs description, you may leave this entry box blank and give pricing details in the Description entry box in Step 6.

  6. In the Certification check boxes, check any certifications that apply to your product. You may select multiple check boxes here if they apply.
  7. In the Timber Condition check boxes, check any timber conditions that apply to your product. You may select multiple check boxes here if they apply.
  8. Note: if your product has conditions that do not appear in the check boxes, you can select the Other check box and enter a description of the condition in the entry box beside it.

  9. In the Description entry box, enter a detailed description of your product, including any extra information on the quantity, price, condition, etc. of the product.

Entering an image for your Product

After you've filled in all the information above, you can choose to upload 1 to 3 pictures of the product into your listing.

Note: If you have a slow internet connection, you may choose to leave this procedure out for now and go ahead and finish creating your listing. After you've edited and saved your listing you can go back at any time and edit the listing by adding images, one at a time.

To add and image:

  1. Click on the Browse button beside the Image 1 label. In the dialog box that opens, browse to the jpeg (.jpg) file you wish to upload and click Open. The image name will then appear beside the Browse button. You can do the same for Image 2 and Image 3.
  2. Note: Image 1 will also be shown as a thumbnail image in the For Sale listings.

  3. Continue adding more listing information as described in the following steps. (When you are finished the following steps, and you click the Preview Listing button, the image you selected will then be uploaded).
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: The WoodsourceBC site will only upload images of a certain pixel size, so that they are suitable for viewing listings on this site. The image must be greater than 580 pixels wide by 380 pixels tall and preferably should be smaller than 2600 pixels wide by 2000 pixels tall. (Images taken using most digital cameras will fit this size range). If you try to submit an image that is outside of this range it will result in a warning message that asks for a larger or smaller version of the image, and you will not be able to create a listing with the rejected image.

    The program will automatically create a thumbnail size image for use in the listings, as well as a large image viewing size for when the user clicks on the image to view a slideshow.

Expiry Date for the Listing

    In the Listing Expiry Date section, you can choose how long to leave your listing open on this site. By default, the site creates an expiry date 30 days after creating your listing. There are two ways to choose an alternate expiry date:

  1. Click the Calendar button, then click on a date in the calendar.
  2. or

  3. Enter a date directly into the Expiry Date entry box.

Note: You can always change the expiry date later on by editing the listing in My Account.

WoodsourceBC will send you an email reminder five days prior to the expiry date, at which time you can choose to extend your expiry date.

Finishing the Listing

  1. When you've finished entering all the information for your listing, click the Preview Listing button at the bottom of the page. This will create a Preview of what your listing will look like.
  2. Please check this Preview carefully, if you need to make changes click the Edit this Listing button, and you will be taken back to the listing page to make any changes. You can click the Edit this Listing button to make changes as often as necessary until you are happy with the Preview.
  3. Important Note: Make sure you are happy with the Preview before clicking Approve this listing. Once the listing is saved, you will only be able to add/change images and edit a few details - many details will be unavailable for changes.

  4. When you are happy with the Preview, click the Approve this Listing button to save this listing in your account. The final view of the listing will be displayed, and the listing will automatically be added to the For Sale page of the WoodsourceBC website.
  5. You can click on the For Sale menu in the WoodsourceBC website menu bar to view your listing along with all the other member listings on this site.

If you wish to edit your listing after this, for example to add images, click the My Account button at the top of the web page to Edit your listings.